Andy Rahn

Birthdate: December 29th 1971

Team: TR racing 


                                                           Team History


  Previous to 1996 I raced on 2 wheels Motocross. I had a 1987 Yamaha YZ250. For which although I enjoyed it at the time I got tempted with racing on 4 wheels.


  So in 1996 a friend offered me a Ford Escort MKII 1.6 GHIA and asked me if I wanted it and turn it into a race car. After a much hard work in preparation of a car, I took it to a race track and entered my first race. I came 3rd in my first race and Won the final-so there was no going back 4 wheels was what I wanted to race. So TR racing was then born.


  In 2000 I bought myself a BRISCA Formula2. This was my first short oval racing on tarmac and with so much contact! I attended most of the South West meetings through the following 2 years for which I had many top 10’s and my highest was a 3rd in a consolation race which wasn’t bad as I had a very limited budget compared to others plus much less experience.

In 2002 I decided for a change. I went from tarmac/concrete ovals to dirt ovals hoping to rely on my rear wheel drive race talent. I based my race car upon a Ford Sierra 2.0 Sapphire. It was a nail biting year, probably one of the best year racing I’ve ever had. 2002 I won the championship by 1 point in the last race of the year. Awesome!!!!


  In 2003 I build myself a new race car based upon a Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6. I decided I needed more power as the previous year my 2.0 Sierra just about kept up with all the other fast cars that were running 3.0 V6’s. This year was great, after a few tweaks to the car at beginning of the season the car was awesome and so I won the championship for the second time.


  For the next few years I tried many different types of racing from Rally Cross to Karting. I am often called upon to attend race tracks on corporation days to entertain  visitors where I may be racing against and beating them at times, people such as Phil King a Formula 3 multiple race winner and many other such like talented race drivers. I have also received tuition and appraisals from drivers such as Andrew Jordan and Pat Doran who are both champions in their own formulas. Through 2012 I was following with great interest the Legends UK race series. In November 2012 I decided to buy myself a Legend and so TR racing was born into the big national league.


  Since then as i committed myself to racing a legend, I have had much track time, even done a bit of drag racing and time trial racing with it. As all race drivers will agree, cant beat seat time to get use to new car.... Currently I am building my bus for transporting my legend. This has been taking up alot of my spare time so when i am not working I am spending my spare time working on my bus with my end goal of entering the legend race series for a complete championship in 2016. Cant wait and of course if anyone wants to advertise or sponcer me even for 1 race weekend please contact me. Remember this race series is on TV and we race at top race tracks in the uk such as Brands Hatch. So many people will see your advert on my car.

  Well 2017 is here. This year I am happy to say I gone back to the DIRT for which my history shows I am Fast.... So in a way BACK TO MY GRASS ROOTS. 


  Boxing Day Christmas 2016 I went to my first (as a spectator) in years a NASA (National Autocross) Event at my Local Racetrack at TRENT CLUB in Hougham. Loved it so much, I bought a Class 7 Fiat with TWIN 1100cc BLACKBIRD ENGINES in the REAR.... Oh yer baby, It wheeles of the start line, crazy power- 300hp+.

  In January '17 I joined TRENT AUTOGRASS CLUB- what a welcoming bunch of people, actually I must say because the races are run on the Sunday and so many people travel a long way the race track always opens on the Saturday so everyone camps overnight. This creates a great friendly family atmosphere. I was taken back by the way I was greeted by all, so helpfull and would highly recommend joining the race series or just come and be a spectator... 


  2018 finally got started after a wet winter. So far its been great. Won a few heats, many top 3's and last time out at Sturton Autograss I had x2 1st's and x1 2nd in the Heats and WON the FINAL.... WOW, even surprised myself. So having great fun and success.

  ....... So finally I just want to say A BIG THANK YOU to Zuzana(Partner + Chef Tea Maker) + Caitlin (Stepdaughter + Trainee Pit Crew) for all your help this year so far, couldnt do it without you both.

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